Arsahad Ali Khan| BSP

Mehnaun, Gonda

Mehnaun is a rural area fall under the jurisdiction of 295th Vidhansabha constituency of Gonda. The region was earlier known as Bhujaina, after 2012 it was renamed as Mehnuan. This is an utterly backward area struggling with basic facilities & lack of quality living standards for the local residents & visitors as well. Mehnuan, with a dense population of around 3.5 lacks people comprise of Muslims, Brahmins, Kurmi & Dalit who all together contributes to the development of the region. A large section of the society here is involved in agricultural and that too particularly of sugar cane farming, apart from this artisan works from nearby areas is also a major occupation. But on the other hand lack of employment opportunities is a crucial factor responsible for increasing migration of craftsmen to the other cities in search of better employment.

Even After 70 years of Independence the scenario of development has not changed a bit for the people of Mehnaun. Some major issues of the region are:-

Prevailing Challenges In Mehnaun, Gonda

  • Migration issue due to less job opportunities
  • Exploitation of Sugarcane farmers
  • Poor road conditions
  • Clean water supply
  • Sanitation & Cleaning issue in area
  • Electricity
  • Lack of better Education & Healthcare facilities