Arsahad Ali Khan| BSP

About Arshad Ali Khan

Inspired from the Ideology & work frame of BSP, Mr. Arshad Ali Khan is widely acknowledged for his commitment, dedication & hard work. As a visionary he sees opportunities in every aspect of his work, he is keen to implement policies & take action to ensure that the poor and backward section of society lived in harmony with the rest, & people from every walk of life will come forwards to contribute towards growth of his constituency.

"Sunder Gonda khwab humara, Arshad Bhai ka hai Nara, Arshad Bhai ayenge kosal vikash bdayenge"

Mr Arshad Ali khan is a social crusader, which is reflected in his sincere endeavours and his deep commitment to social causes, especially for the underprivileged segments. His integrity, selflessness and his ability to unite people of all sections of society has greatly influenced the leaders & workers in the party as well as common people. As an honest pro – national & grass root man, Arshad Ali Khan is committed for development, fight against social injustice & progress for one & all. He has a great ability to inspire people. His innate knowledge of social problems makes him the foremost leader. Being a leader who enjoys support of all sections of society he has an impeccable record of clean leadership. Committed to eliminate corruption from all walks of life, Mr. Arshad Ali Khan is a determined leader who dedicated to provide good governance.